Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What is the purpose of disease Vulvodinia

Vulvodynia, also known as vulvodinea, is when there is intense burning pain localized in the genital region.This chronic pain is not a particular cause, and may be caused by multiple factors. The discomfort may be so intense that deny women using tampons, and even have sex, wear underwear or pants.

The causes of vulvodynia are indeed extensive, but summarizing it can happen by:

* Trauma to the genital area
* Surgeries in the vulvar
* Depression
* For the consumption of foods high in oxalate
* Urogenital infections and sexually transmitted
* Skin diseases
* Skin irritation
* Muscle spasms genital and pelvic floor
* Nerve irritation of the vulva
* Systemic diseases, like diabetes
* Lack of female hormones