Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to prepare the use of Medicinal plants

Poultice, is one of the common methods used in its simplest form is to crush the plants to get a plaster. Other more elaborate use a base of vegetable meal, or in decoction, infusion or saline.
You can apply hot or cold.

Decoction; this type of preparation is to boil for a few minutes the plant parts to be used (roots, flowers, leaves, etc.), thus to get maximum concentrate of active ingredients.
Hard parts such as stems, bark or roots, should be chopped or shredded and let marinate beforehand in cold water.
This technique is appropriate in non-volatile products (which do not lose their effectiveness with heat) or hard parts.

Dialysis; in this technique is first becoming a solution freshly harvested pulp plants and as a means of using water or alcohol in different concentrations, or a combination of both. Then used as a membrane of parchment paper to filter the solution.

Elixir, is called to preparations of substances dissolved in alcohol or wine.

Emulsion is given this name to look creamy formulas that they use as base oils, fats, resins, wax, or other substance is not soluble in water. Usually used 5% gum arabic as a binder.

Fumigation; it, rather than a technique is a form of application and to bring into vapor respiratory droplets or herbal essential.

Infusion; is one of the most used and you get to pour hot water on the grass to use, leaving covered container for ten minutes. If using hard parts should let steep for 15 minutes in double boiler.
It is used in cases where the product is very volatile

Syrup, these are dense solutions in water or alcohol based on a ratio of 55% to 65% sugar, fruit or herb marinated or prepared in infusion.

Liniment, these are prepared on the basis of fatty components with medicinal elements or semi-liquid consistency liquids.
Its main feature is that they are for external use.

Maceration, this technique is to leave the plants standing for a space of time in a solvent such as water, wine or alcohol.

Dust in this preparation the herbs are ground, crushed and finally pulverized. It aims to facilitate ingestion.

Tincture, is set aside for a few days herbal powder in alcohol or wine, which is then filtered.

Triaca, is perhaps the most famous composite of old, was used in both the disease and to prolong life and it is said that everyone knew his famous medical preparation. More than a technique or a specific remedy, he was given this name several who possessed great healing powers.

Ointment, these are preparations like the fatty elements liniments are made with medicinal elements, but in this case is solid consistency.
Its main feature is that they are for external use.

Fresh juice, depending on the part of the floor plan we want to obtain the juice is ground to form a slurry, which is filtered through a sieve.