Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cellulite is caused by pregnancy and use of contraception

Certain stages of life, such as puberty or pregnancy, and contraceptive use are an excess of estrogen cellulitis often take their toll. The overdose becomes fragile and porous blood vessels and thereby stimulates the accumulation of fluids and toxins in the tissues.

Cellulite is caused by Pregnancy

Digestive problems are judged and jury as they reduce oxygenation of the cells and the blood becomes saturated with waste materials difficult to pass and end up settling on critical areas of the body.

They also contribute to its development insufficient breathing, constipation, liver problems and poor circulation, because cellulite is more easily installed on some irrigated tissues.

Our lifestyle accounts for many papers in this drawing. Faced with a diet open to all basic nutrients into perspective, malnutrition is imposed and her cellulite.

Beware of tight clothing!. Wear loose garments Choose natural fabrics that leave the skin sweat. If your job requires prolonged sitting or standing, try to counter its effects.

The luxury snuff is a candidate to fall into his clutches. Smoke impairs the microcirculation, which through the capillaries carries nutrients and oxygen to cells.

Stress can be factor in the spread of the process because the anxiety and nerves increase the production of hormones and thus capillary fragility and the collection of toxins in the tissues. The worst action is to make dinner cellulite in the most important meal of the day strong.