Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Muscle exercise is effective to reduce cellulite

Along with diet you should exercise to activate the movement of your legs. Walking, cycling and jogging are activities highly recommended, in addition to tone thighs and hips. The muscle-toning exercises and weight are also very effective to reduce cellulite. You can see the most appropriate exercises Gym home.


Massages are also beneficial against cellulite. As for the clothes, do not use jeans or tight clothing because it prevents good circulation and promote fluid retention in the thighs.

Foods that fight cellulite share two attributes: low in calories and excellent diuretic properties. The cutter is ideal for constipation and a sophisticated weapon against the orange peel. The kiwi and its arsenal of vitamin C relieves stress, also has laxative qualities and their potassium content promotes water balance.

The pineapple has no rival; helps digest proteins, accelerates tissue repair, eliminates toxins and retained fluids, is the anti-inflammatory … Grapefruit acts as a purifier, a half-hour fasting before breakfast evening ends with toxins. Fennel is superdiuretico and contains estrogen-like gifts that balance hormone levels. Celery stands up to stress and anxiety with its calming effect. The carrot officiates as the hand of the skin for its high content in carotenoids. Try to take striped salad and raw between meals.