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Carbohydrate – Cycling and Fat-Loss

A low to moderate carbohydrate and high protein diet will cause much faster fat loss than a high carbohydrate diet. However, it may seem like the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. Fortunately, there’s a solution to these problems and it’s called “carbohydrate cycling.” Some people refer to carbohydrate cycling as “zig-zag” dieting, “Hi-low” dieting, “carbing-up” or carbohydrate “re-feeding.”

Regardless of what you name it; carbohydrate cycling is probably the most powerful fat burning strategy on the planet. Nothing else even comes close. It is the ONLY guaranteed way to outwit the body’s starvation response when calories and carbohydrates are low. Not only do you avoid a negative response, but you also invoke many positive responses that do not occur when holding your carbohydrates and calories at the same low level day in and day out. That’s the main problem with conventional low carbohydrate diets – they suggest that you drop your carbohydrates and keep them low. What I am suggesting is that you drop your carbohydrates for a few days, then increase them again before your body figures out what the heck is going on!

Carbohydrate cycling has been a well-kept secret of bodybuilders and fitness models for decades, but anyone can use it to accelerate fat loss or break a plateau. The beauty of this method is that it allows you to get all the fat loss benefits of low carbohydrate dieting without the low carbohydrate side effects. Most important, it keeps your metabolism elevated and prevents you from going into starvation mode.

Why you shouldn’t stay on Low Carbohydrates for more than three days in a row?

After three days in a row on low carbohydrates, your glycogen levels will be almost completely depleted. If you were to continue on low carbohydrates for a fourth day, fifth day, or beyond, you would notice your energy and training intensity begin to diminish. You would also notice that your muscles would “flatten out” and become softer. Your metabolic rate would begin to slow down and your thyroid gland would decrease its output of thyroid hormone. Basically, your diet would become less and less effective the longer you stayed on low carbohydrates beyond the three day period. Your body is so “smart,” it simply makes changes in physiology and metabolism to compensate for the prolonged lack of carbohydrates (which it interprets as starvation). That’s why you have to “shake things up” and keep your body off guard by throwing in a high carbohydrate day every fourth day.

High days and Low Days

Carbohydrate cycling is based on the concept of rotating low carbohydrate days with high carbohydrate days instead of keeping carbohydrates low all the time. Every fourth day your glycogen levels are restored with a “carb load” or “high carb day” (also known as “high day”). Your energy stays up, your muscles fill out and tighten and your metabolic rate gets a boost as if you squirted lighter fluid on a dwindling fire.

The high day also makes your entire diet easier to stick with because no matter how difficult it is to get through those three low days, you have a “high day” to look forward to (Believe me, eating all those yummy carbs after three days without them is like getting a “high!”). The “high day” also bypasses all the side effects. You get noticeably leaner with every three-day low carbohydrate cycle as your body dips deeply into stored body fat without the carbohydrates readily available for fuel. Surprisingly, you may even continue to get leaner even on the high carbohydrate days because of the boost in metabolic rate.

Carbohydrate cycling also prevents your body from becoming inefficient at using carbohydrates for energy. When you cut your carbohydrates out for a long time, your body begins depending on fat for fuel and it learns how to use fat for fuel more efficiently. You often hear low carbohydrate diet proponents say that the low carbohydrate diet turns you into a “fat burner” while a high carbohydrate dieter turns you into a “sugar burner.” This may be true, but there’s a huge downside to staying on low carbohydrates all the time and becoming an exclusive “fat burner:” Your body becomes lazy and inefficient at burning carbohydrates. When you eat them again after a long absence, your body doesn’t know what to do with them. This is one of the reasons you will simply blow up overnight and gain weight back the minute you re-introduce carbohydrates after a long absence. Unless you plan on never eating a carbohydrate ever again, you’d better think twice about long-term carbohydrate restriction. Low carbohydrate diets are NOT “lifestyle” programs.

What’s the alternative? Carbohydrate load every fourth day. When you carbohydrate load a depleted muscle, the carbohydrates are quickly soaked up by the muscle on that fourth day because the muscles are “hungry” for carbohydrates. By repeated cycles of depletion and re-loading, your muscles become extremely efficient at storing carbohydrates as muscle glycogen rather than partitioning them to body fat.

As you get Leaner and Leaner, you may find that you Lose Weight too Quickly on the

3:1 carbohydrate cycling plan (no kidding!) It’s not a wise idea to lose more than 1.5 to 2.0 lbs of body weight per week. If you lose more than two pounds per week, you are much more likely to be losing LBM with the fat.

If you lose lean mass or drop weight too quickly, you should adjust your high to low day ratio by increasing your carbohydrates (and calories) overall or by keeping your low days the same and adding more high days. You can do three low carbohydrate days followed by two or three high carbohydrate days. Taking two or three high days after three low days will not only help reduce muscle loss, it may allow you to gain small amounts of muscle as you lose body fat.

Author by Yasar Shahzad.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The 4 Rules You Should Know About Alkaline Nutrition

If you are a health conscious individual and looking for a new solution for diet and nutrition, check everything about alkaline nutrition. Find out the effects of pH imbalance to your body.

The level of your body’s acidity affects your metabolism. If you have chronic over acidic pH, the tendency is that your body tissue corrodes and deeply impacts your veins and arteries. Try to be aware of the alkaline nutrition environment and start following the important rules in order to be healthy.

More green and yellow leafy veggies
Green and yellow-leafy vegetables are a good source of alkaline salts. You will definitely be away from diseases because these are anti-fungal and anti-mycotoxic.

Lessen the acid-forming foods
Dairy products are the number one carrier of acids. Watch for the food you eat. The other kinds acid-forming foods are: animal products, refined grains, yeast products, all kinds of mushrooms, all kinds of corn products, coffee, soda, beer, wine, cider, soy sauce, sugar, artificial sweeteners and a lot more. Remember the equation 80:20. Alkaline foods of 80% and 20% acidic are just enough to offset the acidic foods you intake.

More healthy proteins
You must stay away from animal products definitely. Foods rich in proteins aside from meat are spinach, broccoli, sprouts, garbanzos beans, fish and tofu. These kinds of fruits carry the right amino acids that make the proteins enough and sufficient to the needs of the body.

More alkaline water
Purified water and with alkaline is more neutral. Drinking 3 to 4 liters a day is an ideal amount but the more you drink the better for flushing out toxins.

The right balance of alkaline and acid-forming foods is important in everyone’s health. Once you know the importance of alkaline nutrition and its sources, everything will be easy for you to live and maintain a healthy body and life.

Authors : EmmaAngela, EzineArticles.

Organic Farming Using Biotechnology

Organic farming is seedling and planting by a natural system by only using compost without any chemical or pesticide. You can produce organic fruits or vegetables by a natural system. Can you imagine how you can produce organic product with mass organic farming by natural systems? I think this idea is very difficult to realize. Why? This is because the natural system is inapplicable to mass production. If you are to push to do it, the high cost of production in producing the expensive organic products will be the result.

Agrobost Fertilizer

Learn from the case why you should not use the other ways. Now you can apply biotechnology to upgrade the natural system on organic farming. By using biotechnology, farming management is easier than depending on the natural system. It is more effectively applied on the mass production with the same system and result, while costing less. Its organic farming product will be free of chemicals and pesticides.

Biological fertilizer with bacteria composition is the result of biotechnology research and is a good solution for organic farming system. A cell of bacteria is coated by a coat until you use it in farming. On the soil it grows fast by dividing the cells and moving them into the plants roots and build symbiosis system between soil, root, bacteria and fungi.

The composition of biological fertilizer consists of nitrogen binding bacteria, cellulose decomposing bacteria, solvent phosphate bacteria and some specific species of soil bacteria. Those are the best bacteria in the root symbiosis, giving incredible results on organic farming.

The benefits from the biological fertilizer using biotechnology are:
-Bacteria can tie up the nitrogen from the air.
-Optimize the root symbiotic system.
-Ability to suppress the growth of adverse bacteria.
-Produce growth hormone which is useful for plants and supporting plant metabolism system.
-Ability to reduce systemic pesticide.
-Capable to recondition the soil.
-Many species of bacteria have positive ability in affecting the plant by making the leafs become more lush and green.
-Plants growth optimally and increase 30 % plant productivity.
-Free from pesticide or chemical residues product.
-Cut the chemical fertilizer use by more than 40%.
-Cut the harvest time by 1 or 2 weeks.

You can take the benefit and more profits by using biological fertilizer in you organic farming, building a good organic farming system, rehabilitating the soil condition, being environmentally friendly and saving the Earth.

Manufacturers of liquid biological fertilizers, soil conditioners and develop the findings of biotechnology for life. Active campaign about healthy life to apply on social life and business environment TO SAVE THE EARTH.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ida_Amal

Fat Burning Food

Fat burning food used in a carefully constructed meal plan can help you to eliminate fat and get lean and healthy. Let me tell you one thing, if you just go ahead and eat random so called fat-burning-foods without having a carefully thought out diet plan you are setting yourself up for failure.

Burning fat foods has to be included in your diet the right way in order for you to benefit from it. These guidelines will help you to make a meal plan that will scorch away your fat, leaving you lean and sexy. Here’s how:

Plate contents

This is how the contents of your plate should look like to help lower your fat percentage:

* Half your plate – Half of your plate should consists of fruit, veggies or salad.
* A quarter – A quarter should be lean protein, like chicken, fish or lean red meat.
* The other quarter – Should be low GI, healthy carbs like whole-wheat products, brown rice and sweet and baby potatoes.

Break your meals into 6 smaller portions

Once you know how your plate contents should look like, take that amount of food and make the portion sizes slightly smaller. Go ahead and have 6 such small meals throughout the day. This will keep you fuller while also boosting your metabolism and helping you lose more weight and fat – just make sure that those meals are healthy.

Stick to the healthy fats

Don’t avoid fats altogether – only the unhealthy ones (saturated and trans fatty acids). Stick to healthy fats like avos, olives, nuts, fatty fish, and olive and avo oil – they will keep you fuller for longer.

Stick to fat free dairy products

If you switch from low fat milk products to fat free ones, you can save up to 4% of fat. So make the switch and enjoy all your dairy products fat free.

Include fat burning wonder foods in your meals

These are the wonder foods that you should include in your diet on a regular basis:

* Chilies – Adding chilies to your meals will help you to eat less
* Cinnamon – Cinnamon helps you to control your cravings

Snack on fat burning food

Together with your meals you should also include fat burning foods as snacks – just make it the low calorie and fat ones like: celery sticks, carrots, and cucumbers, whole-wheat crackers and fat free yogurt. There are lots more food that will all help you burn fat if you include them the right way.

To help you include them the right way, I have made a report on the different types of fat burning foods – how they work and have also includes lots of examples and more guidelines to make the perfect fat burning diet.

Authors by Suzie Parker.

Build Healthy Life

The best life style is all about how build healthy life and soul for better lives. Any times you deserve a better life in good lives with healthy body, eating healthy foods and have positive mind. Start from a little bit health activities move on toward to the future with the best condition.

You can share healthy life knowledge in this forum. Your knowledge is the best experiences and you are gurus for everyone who read your articles.

Build healthy life looks likes build company, need planning, strategy and goals setting. First step imprint on your mind if you should healthy life. Second step do it what you must do it as like your plan and take action for live healthy. Next step, change your awful behavior to be positive and you can handle 100% your health.

Healthy body, mind and behavior can improve your productivity. You have more effective, efficient and happy on your lives. Make easy to forward on your future.

Articles by Ida Amal.