Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Be Comfortable When We Have Positive Thinking

Thinking is a human’s natural instinct which is God’s blessing for them to separate them from others. It can be positive or negative thinking or both kinds of thinking. However, most people have the propensity to be dominated by one kind of thinking due to their genetic personality.

The pattern of thinking can be learned, applied and changed every time as needed. People build their personalities from these kinds of thinking step by step. They have different tolerance degrees for different problems, situations and mind levels. When they think about a bad situation or have a big problem then they will be unhappy or depressed. Consequently, their mind will attract them to situation similar to their thinking.

Negative thinking focuses on the notion of negative side which sometimes makes you trapped in your mind. You will have perceptions that make you not dare to walk away or make a new decision because you are trapped in the bad side of the mind only.

When you have negative thinking then the energy you need is bigger, your body will respond like you are in a dangerous position and then the body will stimulate adrenaline and antihistamines. As a result your bodies feel unhealthy and uncomfortable. This condition gives a very bad effect on your body and psychological development. You become suspicious to the others, tend to withdraw from relationships, become not confident and have working partner problems.

Unlike the case with people who are always thinking negatively, positive thinking resolves a situation or problem from a positive side. You think positively and therefore have a great sense of optimism, always want to learn, want to get ahead, dare to take risks, make decisions easily and you are sure to succeed.

Positive thinking does not mean seeing a condition always correctly, but it is how you see the problem clearly and always be confident that you can handle it as well because you can control your thoughts in an optimal sense. Thus, in a bad condition you can keep working and making decisions well. By considering an issue as an opportunity to go forward or to strive to develop chance, there is no reason for not being able to solve the problems. You should also be confident that God will ease your affairs.

With a good pattern of thinking, you will always have positive thought and the negative thoughts acting as counterweight. Using considerations on the bad things then any decision taken will be a simple and easy one. Your life becomes more meaningful. You will have a good sense of humor and become a happy person.

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