Monday, February 1, 2010

Organic Farming Using Biotechnology

Organic farming is seedling and planting by a natural system by only using compost without any chemical or pesticide. You can produce organic fruits or vegetables by a natural system. Can you imagine how you can produce organic product with mass organic farming by natural systems? I think this idea is very difficult to realize. Why? This is because the natural system is inapplicable to mass production. If you are to push to do it, the high cost of production in producing the expensive organic products will be the result.

Agrobost Fertilizer

Learn from the case why you should not use the other ways. Now you can apply biotechnology to upgrade the natural system on organic farming. By using biotechnology, farming management is easier than depending on the natural system. It is more effectively applied on the mass production with the same system and result, while costing less. Its organic farming product will be free of chemicals and pesticides.

Biological fertilizer with bacteria composition is the result of biotechnology research and is a good solution for organic farming system. A cell of bacteria is coated by a coat until you use it in farming. On the soil it grows fast by dividing the cells and moving them into the plants roots and build symbiosis system between soil, root, bacteria and fungi.

The composition of biological fertilizer consists of nitrogen binding bacteria, cellulose decomposing bacteria, solvent phosphate bacteria and some specific species of soil bacteria. Those are the best bacteria in the root symbiosis, giving incredible results on organic farming.

The benefits from the biological fertilizer using biotechnology are:
-Bacteria can tie up the nitrogen from the air.
-Optimize the root symbiotic system.
-Ability to suppress the growth of adverse bacteria.
-Produce growth hormone which is useful for plants and supporting plant metabolism system.
-Ability to reduce systemic pesticide.
-Capable to recondition the soil.
-Many species of bacteria have positive ability in affecting the plant by making the leafs become more lush and green.
-Plants growth optimally and increase 30 % plant productivity.
-Free from pesticide or chemical residues product.
-Cut the chemical fertilizer use by more than 40%.
-Cut the harvest time by 1 or 2 weeks.

You can take the benefit and more profits by using biological fertilizer in you organic farming, building a good organic farming system, rehabilitating the soil condition, being environmentally friendly and saving the Earth.

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